Here at Glowing Flames we are passionate about offering you the best quality products for your home.

We carefully select the brands and suppliers we work with who share our passion to make sure we can provide the best range possible online.

"Our goal is to provide not only the best quality products but at the same time offer the most energy efficient and sustainable products on the market to everyone wherever they are" - Simon CEO.

This quote from our CEO summarises our mission and reason for being. For too long shoppers have not had access to a large number of products due to a lack of online presence and having only the option to shop in local stores.

We believe everyone should have the luxury of choice.

We are also extremely passionate about our environment and are committed to sourcing high efficiency products which have undergone extensive testing and verification.

The vast majority of our stoves are EcoDesign ready and many are DEFRA exempt meaning they have passed the necessary fumes and particulate testing to be used in Smoke Controlled Areas.

We really hope you enjoy shopping with us and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or on our live chat.


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